MSUD Nutrition Management Guidelines
First Edition
February 2013, v.1.54
Current version: v.1.58
Updated: April 2018
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Key Project Personnel

Nutrition Guidelines Project Principal Investigators:  Rani Singh, PhD, RD; Emory University, Dept. of Human Genetics and Fran Rohr MS, RD; Children's Hospital Boston


Nutrition Guidelines Project Workgroup Chairs

  • Amino Acidopathies: Dianne Frazier, PhD, RD
  • PKU: Amy Cunningham, MS, RD and Shideh Mofidi, MS, RD
  • Organic Acidopathies: Keiko Ueda, MS, RD and Elaina Jurecki, MS, RD
  • Fatty Acid Oxidation Disorders: Fran Rohr, MS, RD and Sandy Van Calcar, PhD, RD


MSUD Workgroup Members:

  • Courtney Allgeier MS, RD, LD

    Senior Scientist; Abbott Nutrition

  • Anne Boney, MEd, RD, LDN

    Metabolic Dietitian; Duke University Medical Center

  • Dianne Frazier, MPH, PhD, RD, LDN  (Chair)

    Professor of Pediatrics; University of North Carolina

  • Caroline Homer, RD, CSP, LD

    Clinical Dietitian Specialist; Seton Healthcare Family

  • Barbara J Marriage PhD, RD

    Manager, Pediatric Clinical Research; Abbott Nutrition

  • Beth Ogata MS, RD, CD, CSP

Nutritionist, University of Washington; Department of Pediatrics

  • Diana C. Pantalos, MS, RD, LD

    Senior Nutritionist; Weisskopf Child Evaluation Center /University of Louisville

  • Cristine Trahms, MS, RD, CD

    Senior Lecturer; University of Washington, Department of Pediatrics


MSUD Delphi I Participants

  • 11 Dietitians and 6 Physicians participated in the first MSUD Delphi survey.


Nominal Group Process Experts:

  • Gerard Berry, MD; Children's Hospital Boston
  • Sandy Bulcher; MSUD Family Support Group
  • Richard Hillman, MD; University of Missouri Health Care
  • Christie Hussa, RD, LDN; Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
  • Helen McCune, MS, RD; Pediatric Genetics, University of Florida
  • Sandy vanCalcar, MS, RD; University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Krista Viau, RD, CD; University of Utah
  • Joyce Wong, MS, RD; The Permanente Medical Group, Inc., Oakland Genetics / Regional Metabolic Clinic


MSUD Delphi II Participants

  • 11 Dietitians and 6 Physicians participated in the second MSUD Delphi survey.


MSUD External Review Participants

  • 4 individuals participated in the external review of the MSUD Management Guidelines. They included relevant stakeholders such as dietitians and physicians who provided an assessment of the Guidelines for Nutrition Management of individuals with MSUD.

Experts included at different steps included clinicians (geneticists, primary care physicians, and dietitians), researchers, and consumers (parents of children with MSUD, adult patients).


Project Consultant: Patricia Splett, PhD, RD; University of Minnesota

Application Developer: Adrya Stembridge; Emory University, Dept. of Human Genetics

Project Coordinators: Yetsa Osara, MPH (current); Emory University, Dept. of Human Genetics

Elizabeth Otwell, MSPH (previous); Emory University, Dept. of Human Genetics

Lead Evidence Analyst: Meghan Quirk, PhD; Emory University, Dept. of Human Genetics

Advisor: Phyllis Acosta, PhD, RD

Reference Librarian: Barbara Abu-Zeid; Emory University, Health Sciences Center Library

Nutrition Guidelines Project Core Group:  Principal Investigators, Emory Project Coordinator, Emory Application Developer, Workgroup Chairs, GMDI President, and Consultant


All project personnel and workgroup members submitted a conflict of interest statement approved by Emory University’s Institutional Review Board.